How to Chose the Right Roofer for Your Project: Beware 2 Guys, A Truck, and a Ladder Claiming They Can Replace Your Roof!

Bad Roof Crew

Do you want these guys to show up to fix your roof? Didn’t thing so! If you want professionals working on your roof, CALL Crisp Roofing at (859) 525-7888

I’m sure that by now you already know that all roofers are not alike so do yourself a favor and choose a reputable one. Since roofing is a non-licensed trade in the Tri-state area, that  means that literally anyone with a truck and ladder can become a roofer. This creates the potential for a very bad experience.

Questions to Ask Roofers Before Hiring Them

  1. How much experience do you have and what kind of work has your company done for other clients around town?
  2. What kinds of insurance protection do you hold? Make sure the roofer has general liability and workers’ compensation coverage.  Don’t be shy to ask for proof.
  3. What kind of warranty comes with your work?
  4. What certifications to you have and to which professional organizations do you belong?.
  5. Do you have references?  Ask for contact information so that you can contact the references yourself.

At Crisp Roofing we set very high standards for ourselves and all of our installers have been trained per manufacturer’s specifications.  We have answers and back-up for each of these hiring questions and our service is second to none.

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