Our Testimonials

"We had a tree hit our house in a storm and had a hole in our roof. We needed someone to take care of the situation quick and Crisp Roofing was there that day with tarp to cover the hole and back the next day to start work!"

John D.

Burlington, Kentucky

"We needed a new roof so I got some bids. We received expensive bids and very low bids for the work. After doing research and figuring out who was insured, who really did this work on a full time basis, and who was in business for more than a year or two we accepted Crisp Roofing's bid and we are very glad we did because their work great. It wasn't the most or least expensive bid we received, it was simply the best bid coming from a company we could trust."

Tom F.

Hebron, Kentucky

"Andrew and his team were very profession from the beginning to the end of my project. They were on-time everyday and and did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a roof redone."

Don H.

Florence, Kentucky